Waverly J. Hanson
Waverly J. Hanson

About Waverly J. Hanson:

“Helping people find life choices!” describes the positive approach Waverly uses when working with clients and relationships. She strongly believes that people can and do change for the better. She believes this happens only when people see the need and the benefits. Waverly reports seeing many “miraculous” turnarounds in marriages and people‚Äôs lives over the years. She finds this very fulfilling and satisfying.

Waverly is now offering online webinars and coaching services to serve more people in less time as she is unable to fit in all the calls received with her time and energy. She believes many people often just need the opportunity to learn and develop their own practical relationship and connection skills.

She has served hundreds as a therapist/counselor/coach: Couples, individuals, families, teens, children and groups. Waverly’s credentials include Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Relationship Coach, Military and Family Life Consultant, Certified Trainer and is a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Her Master’s Degree is in Counseling and she has continued with extensive advanced and specialized training especially in the area of relationships. She has served in both private and public agencies, on various military bases and posts and in private practice for over 25 years.

Obviously, in this personal development field, she has also worked with hundreds of clients on making the changes in their lives that they really desired. Her theme of “helping people find life choices” has empowered so many others like you to see amazing changes and discover they were not victims of circumstances nor their history.

This new website PersonalDevelopmentGoals.MyyWebPal.Com is all about making choices to take action on making positive life changes. Those opportunities will lead to life improvements and greater life satisfaction and possibly give life greater meaning as well.

In her personal life, she has had a long successful marriage. Following her husband’s death, she remarried 3 years ago. She has 7 grandchildren of her own. (She now also enjoys her new husband’s 7 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren.)

Waverly really enjoys fun activities with them. She also loves performing with her sisters in musical benefit shows, gathering with extended family and friends, traveling, done lots of ATVing in the mountains. She also enjoys photography, walking, musicals, reading, creating beautiful art of various types, decorating and volunteering.